29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel baby movement in the below belly area... Means in the pelvic area only. Am 28 wk, that means baby in breach position, right? I felt early movement in the left side only. Nw it pelvic area only. Any problem?

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Question: I feel more comfortable in right side sleeping position than the left side. Is there any problem for baby?
Answer: Not at all a problem. You can sleep right side. Avoid sleeping on your back.
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Question: i feel movement on left side or sometimes below the belly button...is evrything fine ?
Answer: Nothing to worry dear it's baby movement so enjoy every moment once it will gone again you will not enjoy that moments and also you talk to your baby every time then only you enjoy your baby jumping moments also😃😃
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Question: Hi, I am 26 weeks pregnant. I can feel baby movement left side of belly only. Right side I didn't feel any baby movement. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi it is fine as baby can move in any direction of ur tummy. Make sure most important thing is to monitor baby movement .
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