Few days old baby

Question: i feel baby kicks more on my left side is it a girl or boy?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello! It is difficult to say. Everyone has an different experience to share. Hence, nothing can be concluded from just kicks.
Answer: boy
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Question: My doctor suggest to sleep on left side but I feel comfortable on my right hand side is it kk
Answer: Also I got the same suggestion by my gyno.. but I feel comfortable on right side.. my baby is on right side.. and by sleeping by left there are less burden on uterus.. and by sleeping by left side blood circulation to baby is also better as compared to right side.. so I suggest please try to sleep by left side..
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Question: I am 5 months pregnant. I feel uncomfirtable when i lie on my left side. Is it mandatory toh lie on left side wvwry time or i canlie down on my back or on the right side as well??
Answer: Plz don't sleep staright.. U can sleep on ur right side but not for long.. Left hi sona chahiye.. It's good for u nd baby.. Becoz baby ko oxygen nd jo hum khate hai vo pass hote by the cord in terms of fluid... Left side thak jao to thodi der ke liye right ho jao.. Fir then left ho jao..
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Question: Hi all, I am in my 8th month pregnancy now..I don't feel baby movements much when I sleep on left side,buti feel more movements when I sleep on my right side.. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear this is absolutely normal nothing to worry about it .... Tc
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