1 months old baby

Question: everytime i feed my 16 days old she start doing potty or pee. in single feed she does 2-2 times potty and pee..is that normal?

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Answer: Hello! Absolutely normal. Breastmilk is easily digested and good for the tummy of the baby. Even if the baby poops for 15 -20 timescale a day, it is considered absolutely normal.
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Question: How many times newborns do potty a day my baby is 16 days old nd she is doing liquid type potty 9,10 times a day is it normal ??
Answer: Motions 9 to 10 times is a higher account. There can be lactose intolerance or infection concerning to this. Consult your pediatrician to evaluate and treat accordingly.
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Question: hi everyone, my 11 days old baby girl is doing pee 2 times a day. is it normal? and she is not passing motion since 4 days
Answer: hi, after 9 days of life of the baby, minimum urine passed by baby should be 6 or more. This also indicates that she is having sufficient supply odd milk. However, if a baby is completely on breastmilk than pooping once in 10 days is also fine. But for pee, please check with the doctor immediately.
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Question: My baby is 8 days old and she is doing potty many times. Plz suggest
Answer: Newborn babies are only on breastmilk which is easily digested. ... so it is normal for baby to poop so many times.... you need to worry if the potty is dark green
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Question: My baby is 17 days old. She is doing potty many times in a day n night. Is this normal..
Answer: Hai. Its completely normal in new borns dear. Just feed ur baby well
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