21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I fall a week ago so did my baby hurt inside my belly?

2 Answers
Answer: No gross congenital anomaly detected at the time of examination which are in incompatible with life however all anmalies may not be detected on Sonogram
Answer: I hope you are fine dear.. please take Complete bedrest and get a scan done to check baby.. Hopefully everything will be fine don't worry..
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Question: I'm 35 week pregnant. My belly sometimes feel so tight I can feel my baby moving .but sometime it's so tight and I heard a just a slight 'tick' noise on my left lower abdomen. Is it something to worry?
Answer: Hii.. it's the sign of early delivery might be.. some times bcoz of baby growth they are unable to move here n there so they kick and it pains .. there's no way to worry actually.. enjoy the baby movements and feel happy..
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Question: My doctor stripped my membrane a week ago still no labour pain ..what should I do
Answer: don't worry dear the labour pains will happen when your body is ready it all depends on how it progress you can start to take pineapple papaya or castor oil paint will definitely happen
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Question: I have done my sonography 1 week ago . Everything is normal.. I have no issue now a days. Is my baby fine inside? What precautions I have to take care in these days?
Answer: Yes ur baby is fine. Avoid lying on the stomach and lifting weight and after lunch just walk
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