Planning for pregnancy

I eat raw turmeric juice with gur in empty stomach,is it harmful for planning pregnancy

Hi Dear Gur and turmeric both r healthy and doesnt hv any adverse effect hence u can continue to hv it when trying to conceive.. Hope this helps
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Question: I offen eat raw termuric with gur for acidity,is it harmful for planning pregnancy
Answer: Hi! Turneric or gur doesnt hv any side effect and can b consumed when u r trying conceive.. Good luck!
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Question: Can I take Raw Turmeric pest at morning in empty stomach?
Answer: oral turmeric supplements are not considered to be safe during pregnancy, as it could stimulate the uterus, which could increase the risk of miscarriage
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Question: is it safe to eat raw turmeric during pregnancy?
Answer: generally raw turmeric is not advisable in pregnancy. so avoid it.
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