24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I dont like the smell of milk and egg...what are the substitutional foods for these??

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Answer: Hi dear, If you donot like milk,then please take other milk products like curd,cheeze,paneer etc.dairy is important for you daily calcium requirements.so have it in some form.egg is a source of protein and folate.you can make pan cakes out of egg and flour.make whole wheat cakes with egg.make egg curries or omlette if you donot like boiled egg.you can also include other animal meat if you are non vegetarian.
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Question: I don't like the smell of milk ,egg and non veg how do I get protein??
Answer: It is the symptoms of morning seekness. After few month it may be over. So, in that case you can eat soyabeans, leafy vegetables,grams (chole), dal. You can taste kichdi.
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Question: I don't like the smell of milk..
Answer: Hi. You don't have to drink if you don't like You could eat milk products like panner, curd, cheese etc. So nothing to worry. Eat what you like. Hope this helps!
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Question: can I take milk powder instead of milk because I don't like the smell of milk
Answer: hello dear milk is the best source for calcium.. milk powder will not have any effect on baby.. so try to talk to your doctor he might suggest you some powder to mix in milk example mothers horlicks.. where you cannot feel the smell of milk and can easily have milk..
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Question: What are the foods to improve egg quality?
Answer: Avocado is the super food
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