21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I dont like milk from still childhood and i have allergy from it and i am 5month pergent what i do istead of having milk and non veg for calcium for my baby. Pls advice i am scared is it affect on my baby

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Answer: You can eat paneer, curd, butter milk and other milk products. You must take calcium supplement. Hope it helps
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Question: Can i eat non veg like mutton and fish and i am having sugar also
Answer: Hi dear, u can have fish and chicken but try to avoid spice and red meat like mutton because it will heat up your body and needs time to digest, i pregnancy difestion may take long time. Have everything but in optimum level. It will lead you to a healthy pregnancy.
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Question: Im 14 weeks now, im hestitated to take milk as i dont like milk from my childhood could any one suggest the sources of calcium other than milk
Answer: You can go for other dairy products including paneer or curd ..but theirs no comparison for milk ..you can have bournvita or any other milk powder to change the taste
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Question: I dont have enough milk for breastfeeding my baby.. What to do? Can i eat non veg food like chicken, fish, mutton or not?
Answer: U eat all items...bt more concentrate to eat calcium related food...take garlic in your daily food...like milk, Egg etc...
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