9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i dont like liquid anything not even water to drink..n even my bp get low...what should i do? even i dont like to eat sweet anything...

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Answer: You can eat fruits which having water in high content. If bp getting low you can have little spicy foods
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Question: I dont like to eat food n drink water now i m getting weakness what should i do?
Answer: Hi dear take fresh fruit juice , fruits n vegetables , drink milk dont refuse food divide it as small amount n eat drink more water it vl prevent dehydration
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Question: This is my 4th month, m not able to eat anything, even not able to drink water, my uterus is so paining, what should i do?
Answer: Visit doctor for check up as you have heavy abdominal pain. She will also prescribe something for vomiting.
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Question: My little angle dont like sweet recepies any more she like spice receipes may i know why she dont like sweet even she dose not drink juce also
Answer: Some kids are addicted to sweets chocolates Cakes and some a very unique like your kid to eat only the spicy foods .u should be happy that they go don't get any sawtooth . but you can give some cut fruits right away if she is not ready to take in the form of juice . some kids don't eat spicy at also they are 3 years old . don't force your child to eat something sweet introduce sweet little by little . make sure she eat all the vegetables fruits . it is very important to incorporate the habit of eating everything and not skipping anything . this is not done in a days time. when she avoids something you eat it along with her say its yummy .. be happy that she don't like sweets . avoid adding sugar to the fruit juices and give her without sugar . she may drink that . she avoids juice completely then give her in the form of cut fruit
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Question: My 1year old baby dont wants to drink any liquid items like water,milk.she dont like feeding bottles.what to do?
Answer: Dear my baby also refused bottle after sometime then i buy different shapes and colors mugs for her and she started drinking from them. Therecare alot of siper and mugs available in market so buy something like that for baby. Babies are very curious by nature so she will like them and your problem will also get solved 🤗🤗..
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