6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I don't know why but.. I'm carving for oily foods like pakoras, pranthas, kfc, aalu tikkis etc.. Trying to avoid but can't... Pls suggest something!

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Answer: U can eat pranthas but made with ghee. Avoid kfc and junk food it is not good for you and your baby
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Question: Hi mam I'm 5 month pregnant my legs are swollen very much I can't even stand ...I don't get sleep at nights....chest burning also there pls suggest me something
Answer: Hiii, mee too 22weeks of pregnant and legs are also swollen ,when i consult gynaecologist ,she suggested me to sleep by placing legs on pillows of some height and walk daily morning and evening at least an hour. And legs will be normal after delivery.hope this answer might helpfull to u.tq
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Question: Hi all..I'm 7 weeks pregnant...and I don't have any symptoms..why?? Pls tell me..??
Answer: Hello dear every pregnancy is not same. some may get more problem and on the other hand some make get less problem .if you are feeling no problem this is absolutely normal .don’t worry take healthy diet .rest more.
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Question: Hi as per my last LMP doctor told me I am in 6 week's 6 day's pregnant but in scan it's showing 5 weeks pregnant ranges And still heart beat not came. My doctor told me will wait for one more week later will decide to do abortion etc.. Please suggest me is there any ways to improve fetal heart beat. I don't know what I have to ask I am like searching for do something.
Answer: Hello dear first of all congratulations for your pregnancy. According to me you should go for rescan after 2-3 weeks then decide accordingly.
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