2 months old baby

Question: I dont have enough milk to feed my baby, initially i gave lactogen along with brest milk. Now im giving cows milk to my baby along with brest milk... But feeling rally bad to give cows milk. But my parents are convincing me to give that.. is there any problem in giving cows milk as my baby is now in 50days

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Answer: Hello dear, A 2month old baby's intestines are not ready to break down cow's milk! Baby should be feed only breastmilk since birth. It is better for your baby to put him/her back on formula if you can't breastfeed. Wait until your baby is a year old before giving her cow's milk as a main drink. It's fine to use a little cow's milk in your baby's food once she's started on solids. Yoghurt and mild cheese are also fine to feed your baby from six months. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one..
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Question: My baby doesn't get enough milk . which powder I can give for now???? Lactogen is okay????
Answer: Hello dear try these tips to increase breast milk massaging your breast helps to increase lactation Add Fenugreek porridge and oats porridge in your diet... Try Asparagus ( shathavari) powder in warm milk.. Drink plenty of fluids, fruit juices Add green leafy vegetables, fish, egg in your diet Avoid caffeine, stress factors... If breast milk is still low... You can start formula milk.... You can give Nan pro 1 Along with that continue Breastfeeding .....
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Question: can i give cows milk to my one month old baby.. my brest milk sicration is stop
Answer: Hi...Cows milk is best to be given to the baby only after one year as the baby cannot digest the complex proteins and minerals in the cows milk. This can lead to loose motions or indigestion. Some times babies also get allergic to cow s milk. So please use cows milk or dairy products after the baby s one year old. The baby can suffer from low hemoglobin as the cows milk contains very less iron.
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Question: Hi my baby now 3 month old my feeding is not enough to her for that reason iam giving lactogen powder milk to her in milk bottle
Answer: If a mother's milk is not sufficient for baby then you have to give formula milk as well. Also keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of liquid in form of milk, fruit juices, beetroot juice in regular diet. Hope it helps.
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