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Question: I dont have any vomittings in my 6th week of pregnancy .. is it normal ?

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Answer: Hi , dear its absolutely normal not all moms get vomit or any other symptoms in early pregnancy. It all depends upon how your body reacts to sudden changes. So dont worry soon you will get all the symptoms..
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Question: Hi.. im in 6th week of pregnancy. I dont have any morning sickness and vomitings. Is it normal or is there problem ??
Answer: Hi dear, It is perfectly fine.my cousin sister too had smooth pregnancy.she never had any nausea or vomitings.she was looking so non pregnant with no cravings too.only when her bump started to show,people got to know she's expecting.it depends on each one.every pregnancy is different.if your blood work and last scan was normal,then donot worry at all about the symptoms.
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Question: its my 6th week but i dont have breast pain... is it normal??
Answer: yes it is normal...each pregnancy and each woman is different
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant. I don't have any morning sickness or vomittings .. is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear...If you do not feel any symptoms then there is no need to worry. Some women feel the symptoms of pregnancy in their first trimester while others feel from the second quarter. On the other hand if your pregnancy has been confirmed by the doctor and you still do not have symptoms, it's still normal pregnancy. Do not worry about the symptoms dear just enjoy ur pregnancy enjoy your valuable time.
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