17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I dont feel any movement for the last few days is it ok

Answer: Hi dear, i know its worrisome if your stop feeling movement of baby if you don't feel the movement for more than 4-6 hrs then its good to raise alarm. Some gentle tricks you may use to get a response from the baby: Change position, especially lying on my back or belly briefly. Eat something sweet, then wait a few minutes. Listen to music, my son never kicked harder than when the organ played at church! Press on one side of my belly, and see if the baby presses back. Drink an icy cold glass of water to wake him up!
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Question: Hii doctorr.my 18th week start but i dont feel any baby movement....is it ok ?
Answer: Hi baby kicks are felt in between 19-24 weeks of pregnancy. If you have anterior placenta it may take a bit more time to feel the kicks. After about 20 weeks, your baby should move every day, but there's a wide range of how much activity is considered normal. On some days, your baby may seem like the movements are too much while other times you may be less likely to notice every little kick and wriggle. But even during his downtime, your baby is probably moving more than you realize -- it just may be so subtle you're not aware of it.
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Question: No its my 5th month i feel some movement of my baby but for few days i dont feel any movement
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy dear Eat well and sleep on left side dear you will feel movements If movements gradually decreased nothing to worry dear as baby is increasing it's normal If you see sudden decrease then you have to contact doctor dear Take care
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Question: Hi. I am 15 week pragnant.for the last few days i dont feel any pregnancy syomtom.is this normal or not
Answer: Like kya feel nai ho rha apko. Kyuki 2 trimester chal rha h apka. Aur 2 trimester me koi pareshani nai hoti enjoyment wala trimester hota h yeh. Isme ulti morning sickness vgerah kam ho jati h. May be isliye apko lag rha hoga. Don't worry yeh sabke sath aisa hota h
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