7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I dont even feel to eat a bite...... Feel like vomiting all the time.... What should I do?

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Answer: Dnt worry this thing happens due to hormonal imbalance .take small meal and drink water
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Question: I always feel tired and weak all the time I don't want to do house hold work even at all this is happening from my second trimester what can I do to avoid this problem..?
Answer: Fatigue is normal to pregnancy. It's because a lot of nutrition is going to the baby and your body is working over time to support the baby. Take rest between chores and spread out the work. The heat may also be getting to you so drink more water. If you are taking all your supplement and eating a well balanced diet there isn't much else that you can do.
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Question: i feel very down all the time...even on the bed during rest i feel very weak...
Answer: Take milk, lemon water...have small meal at small Intervals..
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Question: Why do i feel so energy less....within seconds i sweat n feel like fainting....whats the reason...what should i do to recover it
Answer: Hello though I ain't a medical expert I am 9weeks pregnant. Your body is doing a lot of work internally. It is a big task to nurture baby inside that the body is doing Keep yourself hydrated. Drink natural nimbu paani if allowed. Take it easy and don't exert. Also consult doctor while and before doing all this
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