5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I done pregnancy test the day i am expecting next period..(LMP -17 Feb) it showing faint line..i.e weakly positive.. should i visit to Dr today or should i have to wait for one week?

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Answer: Hi dear yes you should visit your doctor even if you have found yourself weakly positive because weakly positive also means that the pregnancy hormone or HCG hormone is present in your body and with the help of fuel supplements it can increase .. also I delete the test should be taken after 627 days of missed period if you have taken the pregnancy test before that then also it might show you a week faint line but if it has been taken on a right time then it is a weakly positive pregnancy but supplements can actually help you to sustain it . Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi today i test hcg with prega news and it is positive one dark and one faint line its showing...... Should i have to go for blood test for pregnancy??
Answer: Hi! It it positive, i would suggest you to take another test after two to three days time as there is a fair chance of the HCG to increase in your body hence a darker line, and to be 100% accurate you can get a HCG blood work done. Good luck!
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Question: I am today home pregnancy test for 8day delay period one line dark another one faint line.. It positive or negative sis.
Answer: Faint line indicates that your are pregnant. Congratulations.. It's faint because your body is releasing the hcg hormone in small quantity as it is initial days of your pregnancy. Take care. If you are still in dilemma wait for two more days and take the test again. Try to contact doctor as soon as possible. Dr will help you n take care of you and your baby.
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Question: I got a home pregnancy test done which showed positive with a faint line ..when I consulted doctor she said me it's weakly positive..what does this mean ..is there anything to worry about ?? My LMP was 30th Nov
Answer: U can repeat the test, or u can go for beta hcg a blood test which confirms ur pregnancy or u can also go for usg scan as according to ur lmp till now fetal heart activity might have developed.
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