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Question: I done my torch and test for infection torch is negative bt infection report shows past infection positive and current negative ,i done this test 6months before,and now i m planning pregnancy is it necessary to repeat these tests or any other test

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Answer: hi dear! so if you have done this 6 months ago then no need for repeating the test dear its fine. and past test will show positive for all the patients dear but what is more important is present infection is should not be positive dear. and you might have to do your routine test like hemoglobin , blood sugar , thyroid . and other test if your doctor wants you to do it. take care dear. i hope this information is helpful to you.
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant my one report shows trisomy 21 as Negative n other positive which one to trust ultrasounds are also normal is it necessary to get nips test done
Answer: Hello! It is better to get the nips test done as it gives you a clear picture. This will clear your doubts and you can accordingly go ahead with your pregnancy. Take care
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Question: I am 7 week pregnant my age is 33, i think it is necessary to do screening for down sydrome and other abnormalities when these test must be done what are the charges for these tests.
Answer: Yes it is necessary to undergo these test because of the age factor of the mother chances for a down syndrome child is slightly higher. Not to worry it's just a routine thing. It is usually done when 2 Nd trimester starts.
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Question: Recently i have done QUARD MARKERS blood test and my report shows negative screening,is it normal or not
Answer: Hi dear, Negative results is a good report,which means no abnormality donot worry.
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