13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 13week I done vth blood test doctor said u have urine infection so doctor gave me disodium hydrogen citrate liquid but I feel like omitting to take.. Can u help me.

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Answer: Dp not worry If you are not able to take medicine best is to take lots of fluids At least 12 glasses water 3 glasses nimbu pani 2 glasses mausambi juice 2 glasses nariyal pani More of kiwi and watermelon As much fuids will go inside body infection will be healed as all toxins will come out
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Question: I'm 20 weeks pregnant recently doctor found blood in urine so i have done my urine test and the result is e coil isolated on culture...what do u mean by that..what precautions I should take..plz help
Answer: E coli is d bacteria which causes infection....u must not eat non veg nd any other street food so as to reduce infection
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Question: Today my blood n urine test is done, I have urine infection. As it is harmful to my baby
Answer: Hi, UTI( urinary tract infection) is common in pregnancy for some women.. drink lots of fluids and more water. It's not going to harm the baby.. doctor will prescribe antibiotics which are less in dosage. Try to flush out the bacteria by drinking more water.
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Question: Hi madam actually today I have done my urine test and blood test ... everything is normal but urine infection was noticed. She gave me a tab. Antibiotics nitrofurantion.is it safe ... ?
Answer: EVEN FOR ME SAME. URINE INFECTION SHE GAVE ME Ceftum 500 MG But what to doctor only gave bug I too worried
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