Few days old baby

Question: I don't understand how much baby feeds in an h ur. So what I did was , I breast fed him for 40 min as I was getting​ 50ml when I pumped for 40 min. When I fed him for 40 min and then pumped I found that he has drunk only 25 ml🙄. So I have decided I'll breast feed for 80 min and then give him extra feed through bottle. How's that 🤓

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Answer: Haha... No n ed to do such things.. Feed only on demand..gap shouldn't b more than 2hours... Sucking and pumping both are different... Let him drink how much he want..dnt give him bottle
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Question: I have less breast milk so i give top feed alternate tme.40-.50ml I giving..once tme I give 100 ml semisolid food.it's sufficient for my baby?
Answer: My baby is 6 month old i give semi solid 2 times daily nd powder milk 4 times daily 110 ml....
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