3 months old baby

Question: I don't know how my 3month baby boy got blisters in the sole of his both feet

Answer: Hi,check the baby s hand and body ,if at all these bristers are growing in number and spreading. As if yes ,then it can be hands mouth face disease and then you should immedidiately show this to your Dr If not then ,just apply cocunut oil as it will help to heal. Hope it is helpful
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Question: My baby is 7 month old baby girl. My baby has blisters in both the feet. It's white blister. I doubt it's hand foot and mouth disease. What can I do to heal it?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,it could be hand foot mouth disease if it is spreading to hands and inside mouth.Hand foot and mouth disease is a viral infection.which is quite common among kids under 5 years old.kid can get this infection,as many times he's exposed to it,so no immunity against it is made. It is highly contagious,and only a proper hygiene can prevent it. Treatment: 1- keep the baby thoroughly hydrated,by breastfeeding / formula feeding/ water 2- keep feeding light and easy to digest foods like,rice kanji,rava kanji, khichidi,banana,idly etc 3- apply calamine lotion on the blisters 4- give paracetamol if fever comes 5-plenty of rest and cuddle Precautions: 1- always wash hands while holding the baby,as you could be the carrier of infection 2- donot take the kid outside ,as it might spread to other kids 3-donot force feed the baby,the appetite would be very down now There is no medication as such to treat it fast.it stays for a week or so .let th baby heal completly before letting her play with other kids.unfortunately there is no vaccination for it.this infection is in rise now a days.
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Question: What are the effects of eating sole betelnut during pregnancy to the baby in the womb??
Answer: Hello dear betel nut is not safe in pregnancy.. So avoid eating that..
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Question: my baby has got pink blisters in his pooping area. what to do? he is 45 days only now.
Answer: hi, first please give him some diaper free time. Don't put diaper on. Consult the doctor before applying any oil or cream
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