3 months old baby

Question: I don't keep my baby in cradle at night time, usually I sleep with her. does that make any problem to my baby?

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Answer: Dear Priyanka.. babies love to be with mothers, It's ok if your baby slèep with you., In fact it's easy for you in the future to take him out, Thereby you need not have to carry a cradle along
Answer: no .it does only.good but make.sure you dont sleep over her at night
Answer: no ..
Answer: no
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Question: My baby is 2 months 6 days old. She hardly sleeps during day time. Having very unsound sleep and is scared. Most of time keeps her fjsts tight. At night also i have to keep the cradle moving to make her sleep. She starts crying suddenly and always wants that we keep shaking her. Plz suggest how to give her good sleep
Answer: Hello, Very common in all babies not to sleep on day.First of all u need to have patience.two months baby are so small to adjust in the nature they cannot understand day time night time. some things are depends on parents.Take 15 minutes to calm baby in the room before putting baby down to sleep.To settle baby to a drowsy state, read a book in the dim room.Rock her to drowsiness.Feed if it is feed time.
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Question: How to make baby sleep at night and keep waken up in day time
Answer: Hello! Dear it is difficult for a one month baby to do that. A one month baby cannot differentiate between day and night. So don't keep the baby awake during the day as it not only irritates the baby but also can hamper the brain development. For you it is best that you sleep with the baby during the day. Take care
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Question: How make sleep in cradle in cradle he is crying pls suggest how to sleep at night
Answer: Hi dear after feeding the baby wrap baby tightly in the blanket in such a way that the baby won't be able to move its Limbs in this posture the baby will sleep for long hours dear
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