2 months old baby

Question: I don't hv sufficient milk for my baby...now m giving cow's milk.. is it effect on baby health?

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Answer: Hi dear, you should not give cow milk to your baby before 1 year. # cow milk does not contain all nutrients which your baby require#baby's digestive system is not fully developed so it is hard for baby to digest cow milk # it can make your baby iron deficient If your breast milk is not sufficient you can give formula milk to your new born after consulting with doctor.
Answer: Hi...what is your child age...one year and above u can give cow milk....less than 1year means don't give cow's milk.
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    Kanchan Sortur483 days ago

    He is 2 months old

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Question: Can i give cow's milk to my baby ? I am giving breastfeed too but it s not sufficient. I am giving formula now . Will my baby get sufficient nutrients if mother's n cow's milk is given instead of formula
Answer: Cows milk is difficult to digest,, better to breast feed and improve mothers diet,, oats,, green gram,, muringa leaves,, spinach etc ill help increase breast milk,, more breast feeded more milk will produce,,
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Question: Hi friends. My big problem is lactation. My breast milk is not sufficient for my 5 months baby he used to cry aftr feeding too,now I am giving cow's milk bt facing gastic and vomiting .plz tell me what i hv to do.i hv given formula milk also bt faced same problem earlier.is cow's milk good for lil one
Answer: Hii Baby can't digest cow's milk as completely or easily as breast milk or formula. Cow's milkcontains high concentrations of protein and minerals, which can affect your baby's immature kidneys. So Introduce it once. Baby will be of one year. Use formula milk. Use nan Pro .dat is very good and don't give gas.
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Question: Hello....please advise me.my baby is of 1month now and my milk is not sufficient for him.is it good for health to giving lactogen ?
Answer: Have an healthy diet eat more vegtbales and garlic which helps to produce more milk.If you give lactogen means the baby will avoid your breast milk.
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Question: My milk is not enough for my baby so am giving cow's milk is it ok..?
Answer: Use formula milk..cow milk will cause of cough
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