6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I don't have nausea as of now I am hungry than usual but no nausea Is it normal?!

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Answer: Hi. Yes its definetly normal dear. Dont worry. In my case also i dint puked ever. These are due to hormonal changes some reacts severly and some dont.
Answer: It is normal, some people don't feel nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.... I have one child by I feel none of these symptoms during my pragnancy.
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Question: I am more hungry than usual..is it ok?
Answer: Yes, u should have more healthy diet this time, as a new living one is also growing inside you.
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Question: Hello.. i have no nausea till now. Is it normal?
Answer: hi dear, nausea with or without vomiting is common in pregnancy .but few expectant mother doest have any such symptoms in their early weeks. mostly its normal. if your hormonal level is stable at the beginning You may not experience any such symptoms. dont worry, take care.
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Question: hi am 8 weeks pregnant and don't feel like vomiting as usual. is it normal?
Answer: Hello! Every pregnancy is different. While we know that vomiting and nausea are quite common symptoms of pregnancy, there is nothing to worry if you don't feel them too. Hence, it is normal, don't worry.
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Question: Somebody get vomits, nausea in first trimester but I am getting full hungry it is normal?
Answer: Hello... Dear each pregnancy is different, some may experience nausea, some may experience hungry, it happen due to harmonal changes, so it is normal
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