28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i don't have craving for any food. i still like the food which i have always liked. Although, m bit inclined to sweets now a days. no craving of tangy or khatta. is it normal?

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Answer: Hello! Absolutely normal. Every pregnancy is different. So every one feels differently. There is no problem in that.... Take care
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Question: Im into 6th month of pregnancy still don't feel like eating , i don't have craving for anything like sweets or apicy food . I want to know if don't feel like having food no cravings is it normal , or from which month onwords it will get Normal
Answer: some may not feel like eating but pls dont stop less or more eat something healthy for baby sake.. eat less food and drink water juices milk buttermilk barlèy water.. if u eat only u can feel good baby movements
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Question: I m 9week pregnant, i dont like any type of food. Even i hv no craving for any sweet or any food...plz reply...is this normal?
Answer: All this nausea and reluctance to eat food disappears when you enter second trimester. But try to eat nutritious food for the good development of your baby. If you have morning sickness, consult doctor. He or she might help you with medication.
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant, I have craving for things like khatta meetha and don't like to have anything else. I always have good food but please suggest what can I have for my cravings?
Answer: Hi dear for khatta anything made with lemon is ok for you but don't take only it is not good for you.. a good snack for you is Gujarati mix .
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