26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I don't have any sickness and wormiting and for me 5month running my baby fhr is 148 can you please say what does it mean I mean it's a boy or a girl baby???

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Answer: Dear such symptoms won't gaurentee the he der if baby.it is a myth.the only thing confirms the gender is scan.
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Question: Did any of you have pain on left side of stomach and have a baby boy?
Answer: Dear please dnt beleive in such things.gender if baby doesnot depend on all thes ethi gs.such myths are man made.they are never true.they often contradict.well I dnt remember which sode I had pain but I can tell you not to beleive in such things.the only way you get to know baby gender is through scan.
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Question: Baby heart beat is 164bpm is it boy or girl? Anyone have any idea about this??
Answer: baby's heartbeat has nothing to do with gender. Baby's heartbeat changes during different stages of pregnancy and if baby is active inside womb then heartbeat gets increased. If sleeping, then decreased.
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Question: I missed my periods and I am getting morning sickness. What does it mean
Answer: Check with the pregnancy kit at home. If it is positive, congratulations. Immediately, consult the doctor
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