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Question: I do relationship with my husband is yesterday night but my ovulation time is today 4:24 p.m. so I know that my pregnanch is come bt yesterday relationship???? Plss tell

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Answer: Hi.. Dear only pregnancy test can give you the confirmation.. If you do not want to wait till your missed periods date, you can do the test after a week, from the date you had sex with your partner.. So one can confirm your pregnancy sooner than that..
Answer: Chances of getting pregnant is high . Sperm can live in the uterus for about 5 days .. There will be sperms waiting for your egg for fertilization .. Egg will be live for 12- 24 hours .. Try to contact today also . Don't miss the chance
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Question: ovulation day was on 14 jan..but we couldn't have relationship that time my period date is around 28 29.. n yesterday i had an intercourse .so is der any chance of getting pregnant?..plzz help
Answer: hi dear ! sorry dear but you were late for the intercourse as after ovulation the egg stays for 24-48hrs after the ovulation and that is the best time to have intercourse. After ovulation, the egg can be fertilized for only about 24 hours. If you're wrong about ovulation, you'll have to wait to try again the next month. Because sperm can live for three to five days, having sex in the few days leading up to ovulation will increase your chances of getting pregnant. so your can try this for the next month dear . keep a track on the ovulation date and have an intercourse around that time like before a day of the ovulation. take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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Question: From yesterday onwards my stomach pain is coming i dont know why but doctors said that pain did not come i am so much of disturbed for that ?
Answer: Hi dear, As the pregnancy progresses ,you would experience lot of aches here and there. Nothing to panic much.these are all normal. Since the baby growth pushes most of your internal organs along with pelvic bones,various kinds of pain ranging from throbbing pain to pinching pain, streching pain. They are mostly normal. Increasing body weight stresses your back and also puts pressure on would experience back pain and leg cramps too.try to be active as much as possible.daily walks for atleast 20 min would be helpful.
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Question: I have ovulation symptoms today but my husband come only tomorrow is there any chance of conceiving
Answer: Hello! It depends when exactly you ovulate. The egg stays in the body only for 24 hours. So, once 24 hours is gone, the egg will not be there. However, please do not stress your self so much, you can try next cycle too. Take care
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