30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I do feel movements but they are not very strong.I am 7 month running mother

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Answer: Hi dear it is fine as long as you get to feel the movements of the baby because after 30 weeks it is anyways lessens of it because the baby grows but there is a space crunch and the baby is unable to move freely due to the space issue.. Gope this helps..
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Question: Hello, i feel baby movements whole day sometimes...but somedays they are very slight..somedays no movements...is it normal?
Answer: Hi it's normal as some days baby is more active and someday baby are not so the movement differs and if you feel about 10 to 12 movements in a day then it's normal. And whenever you feel less movements then eat some sweet and lay down on left side for sometime you will feel movements talk to your baby pamper baby even in womb your baby feels your touch . And if movements are less than 10 for 2 consecutive days then you need to see doctor. Take care
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Question: Hi, i am feeling baby movements but they are very frequent is it okay? Someday's these are very less.
Answer: Hello dear, fast and slow movement both are ok. baby movement feel slow due to gas, if it start suddenly, that means baby is getting less oxidation. Take a glass of cold water and sleep on your left side. If your baby not responding properly as earlier within 2 hours. Consult your doctor immediately...
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Question: I am 7 month running pregnant... but I feel weard feeling.. what can I do??
Answer: Yeah feeling weird is normal in pregnancy. To avoid all unpleasant feelings keep yourself engaged, go out for walking, take husband's help while going out, go to nearby park, watch children playing, cook for your family.
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