2 months old baby

Question: I didnt breast feed for one day due to some reasons.i gave formula.next day can i give the breast feed directly or should i express and throw it

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Answer: Yes you can as it wont cause any problem to baby and breastmilk is good for baby so you can feed baby. Take care
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Question: I have got heavy pain on one breast due to stock milk. I'm not able to express it and throw also so much it's paining. And I have for fever for that pain. Please suggest me a solution
Answer: Take hot bag on that chest amd make ur baby to drink Don't worry it does not effect your baby
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Question: My baby is not taking milk directly....can i express and feed?
Answer: Hello dear If u are expressing ur milk and giving to ur baby then it may decrease ur milk Supply but solution is there to ur problem. You have to use a high-quality electric breast pump or a hospital-grade breast pump. These types of pumps will act as same as ur baby is sucking ur breast and removing the maximum amount of milk from your breasts as possible. The more breast milk you remove from your breasts, the more you will make.
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Question: After heading back home from 9 hrs of work, should I express out some BM and only then feed my baby or is it alright to feed him directly?
Answer: yes dear it's alright to feed directly. make sure to wipe the breast nicely before feeding your baby.
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