17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I didn't ate any sea food during this period. Craving for crab, small fish, & prawns... Can i eat?

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Answer: Hello dear.. you can have sea food its good for both of you but there are some fishes you should avoid it. Check once again before you eat
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Question: Yesterday I ate prawns and fish is it's OK to eat prawns during pregnancy or not
Answer: Hello dear. It is fine to prawns during pregnancy but you need to make sure it is completely cooked. As they can contain harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause food poisoning. Cold pre-cooked prawns are fine. Hope it helps.
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Question: can I eat sea food like sea fish aur pron
Answer: Fish consumption : Fish is a great source of heart-healthy lean protein. Dining on one or two servings of fish as your protein every week can lower risk of heart attack by almost one-third. That’s because it contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which lower triglyceride levels as well as help reduce inflammation throughout the body and support brain health. Fish low in mercury : Anchovies (Nethili in Malayalam) Butterfish (Pomfret) Catfish (Singhara) Clam Crab Herring (Hilsa) Mackerel (bangada) Oyster Salmon (Indian salmon is rawas) Sardine Scallop Shrimp Sole Squid Tilapia Trout Whitefish Moderate mercury (Eat six servings or fewer per month; pregnant women and small children should avoid these) : BassCarp (Rohu) Cod (Gobro) Lobster Snapper Tuna (Canned Chunk light) High mercury (Eat three servings or less per month; pregnant women and small children should avoid) : Bluefish Grouper (Kalava in Malayali) Sea Bass (Asian seabass is bhekti) Tuna (Canned Albacore, Yellowfin) Highest mercury (avoid eating) : Shark Swordfish Tuna (Ahi)
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Question: Can we eat prawns or crab during this period. Im 28 week preg
Answer: Hello dear. Prawns are in the low mercury category, so having them ones a while in moderation would be fine. However confirm with your doctor too. Cooked crab is safe to eat in moderation. A pregnant woman should not eat raw crab, however, eating raw crab increases the risk for food poisoning, particularly in pregnant women. Take care.
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