39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I did 38 week scan, found femur sparing IUGR, plz explain is it normal

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Question: I am 7th week pregnant. i did scan in 6th week and there was no fetal pole found. is it normal?? I don't experience nausia or vomiting???
Answer: Dear usually in early scan fetal pole isn't seen which is absolutely normal as it arrives in 6 weeks and is visible in scans after 7 weeks. So i woukd suggest you to wait for another 2 weeks and repeat the scan the fetal. Pole will be visible this time. Also not having nausea or vomiting is again normal as these are general pregnancy symptoms some have it some don't. I never had any of them and had a normal and healthy pregnancy. Hope i helped.
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Question: I had scan at my 36th week.. according scan report baby is IUGR. What does it mean? Is my baby has severe problem??? Plz explain in detail about it with solution to overcome this problem..
Answer: Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) refers to a condition in which an unborn baby is smaller than it should be because it is not growing at a normal rate inside the womb. Delayed growth puts the baby at risk of certain health problems during pregnancy, delivery, and after birth. They include: 1.) Low birth weight 2.) Difficulty handling the stresses of vaginal delivery 3.) Decreased oxygen levels 4.) Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) 5.) Low resistance to infection 6.) Low Apgar scores (a test given immediately after birth to evaluate the newborn's physical condition and determine need for special medical care) 7.) Meconium aspiration (inhalation of stools passed while in the uterus), which can lead to breathing problems 8.) Trouble maintaining body temperature 9.) Abnormally high red blood cell count Dear it is better to doscuss in detail with the doctor about the treatment of your baby. As far as I know bed rest is prescribed to the mother. Hope this helps.
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Question: Did Scan on 6th week 3 days. Heart beat found 120. Is it Normal?
Answer: Hi. Yes very normal. FHR should be 120bpm to 170bpm.
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