21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I did not take tablets from last one month calcium tablet is it cause any problem

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Answer: Hi dear, There won't be a problem as such unless you have been taking dietary calcium.start taking it from now on.
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Question: I did not take any medice like tablet if it cause any problem
Answer: Hi dear during pregnancy Folic acid Iron and Calcium is very important for you baby's proper development. Deficiency of any of these can cause effect in your baby. You should take supplements for Folic acid and iron in early weeks of pregnancy and Calcium through out your pregnancy. If you take proper healthy and nutritious diet then hopefully you baby's absolutely fine but you should consult about this to your Dr & can start taking medicines now.
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Question: Hai..am 7months pregnant..I did not use the tablets from 5th month..Is there any problem I did not use the tablets..please give me reply
Answer: No, dear As soon as u Came to know that u are pregnant then u have to start taking proper medications for the growth and development of ur baby. Please consult ur doctor as she will start ur medicines such iron,calcium and vitamins which is very much necessary for ur pregnancy.
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Question: What if i don't take calcium tablets i am not feeling well after taking calcium tablet
Answer: Calcium plays vital role for baby development..if your Dr prescribed then u should not miss... Discuss with your Dr if you not keeping well..
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