21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i did not feel any movements yet.is this normal?

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Answer: yes ofcourse... some mothers feel the movement little late
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Question: I am not feeling baby movements yet.is it okay?
Answer: Every pregnancy is different, so it's hard to say exactly what you will feel and when. There is no set number of times on how often you should feel your baby move. Your baby would have started moving right from your first trimester itself, but you might not have felt it. An early ultrasound scan at seven weeks of pregnancy, can pick up your baby's movement. However, you may start recognising your baby's movements only in your second trimester.  Give attention to your baby's movements on a daily basis. That way you'll soon be aware if your baby has started to move less than usual.  Contact your doctor immediately if: You haven't felt your baby move by 24 weeksof pregnancy. You notice your baby moving less, particularly after 28 weeks. You have any concerns about your baby's wellbeing at any time of your pregnancy. Your doctor will listen for your baby's heartbeat. If required, she will ask you to take an ultrasound scan or other tests. 
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