8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hyee i did my tvs done....my sac is showing tht baby iz not growing at all....its been 6 weeks...doctors hve asked to terminate the baby...pls suggest what will happen after i eat the medicines and what all should i eat

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Answer: I think u should go for termination rather then taking medicines.Taking medicines may result in incomplete abortion.
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Question: I did my usgscan today, but in report its showing in breech at present?? What does it mean???is tht normal??
Answer: Dear breech position means babys had is on upper side of your body and legs in your lower side. It will not do any harm and you are in 23 week of pregnancy so baby will change its position for birth.
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Question: Can any one tell me what are the postnatal exercises to be done to reduce tummy.... Its been 4 months since my delivery... My tummy did not reduce at all
Answer: Exclusevley Breastfeeding is the best and easy way to get back to your weight and shape.. And my docter told me to wear ek belt for tummy it wil get from any medical shop. Tht Using for back pain and all
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Question: Hello Doctor.... My LMP was on 27 th May... I got a beta hcg test done which confirmed me tht i am pregnant.. But in the ultrasound tht was been done didnt showed any G Sac or the embroy.... The doctor again recommended me to have an ultrasound.... Can u please tell me is everything all right
Answer: Yes dear as this is a very early stage of your pregnancy during search stages and it is very common that most of the women are unable to see their g-sec in their ultrasound. Until and unless you have an ectopic pregnancy there is nothing else that you should worry about as far as your pregnancy is concerned I think that it is because the pregnancy is too young to be detected maybe you can have an ultrasound done during the first week of July you will certainly see your g-sec and your pregnancy will be confirmed by the ultrasound. So there is nothing to worry about instead wait for your next ultrasound to be done.
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