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Question: I did iui 15th march and took a test today on 31st march. It came back negative. Shall i take a test again after couple of days or its confirmed negative?

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Answer: Yes, dear u confirm your pregnancy after 45 days having your last period date. Hope its positive.
Answer: Dear please check after 15 days
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Question: Hello.. Good Morning.. After 7 days of missed period i took a home pregnancy test but it came with a very faint lone.. what does it mean? Can i take again an another test after some days back ..
Answer: Hi! Congratulations dear one faint line is also positive and the pregnancy hormone HCG is present in the body, i would suggest you to get a HCG blood test done to get 100% accurate result. Also as now you have found yourself to be positive please visit your gynae and discuss the condition, as you have stated that the line is faint, Dr. might prescribe medicines to sustain the pregnancy. Good luck!
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Question: My lmp was on 6th August but I missed it. Twice I took pregnancy test once on 7th and other on 15th evening . But it came negative. What may be the reason or shall I take test once more?????
Answer: Hi dear get a beta HCG test done from the lab if it is still negative then your periods are just delayed due to stress medicine or change of schedule.
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Question: My last lmp was on 19th march, today i did a pregnancy test,but it was negative..when should i take another test again?
Answer: After 3-4days. If again it is negative do blood test & consult your doctor
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