18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I did double marker test on 13weeks gestational period. Free beta hcg is 176ng/ml and PAPP-A 2.89 miU/ml & free beta hcg Mom is 4.58 and PAPP-A Mom 0.75 and NT Mom 1.06.what is the risk level?

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Question: Post embryo transfer day 14 I had my BETA HCG test and got the Result value 1467 mIU/mL . Also post embryo transfer I had to take HCG injections on 14th 18th and 22nd . Is it because of the injections?
Answer: Dear it is difficult to say whether you conceived or because of hormonal injection your hcg level has elevated in blood..it since it could be a positive results but I will suggest you to take another HCG test after 48 hours if the result has double then that confirms you have conceived. All the best 👍🙂.
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Question: On july 14th my HCG level is 246 50 miu/ml and today my HCG level is 13.50 miu/ml Why this reduced please let me know and any chances to save my baby ?
Answer: Drs will give u hcg injections na. Consult ur Dr immediately. They may give progesterone tablets like system to protect baby in such cases
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Question: My beta free hcg level is high 192, what should i do?
Answer: My beta free hcg level is high 192, what should I do??
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