38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I delivered my baby boy on 27th June he is fine but today the doctor said that he is having jaundice and his CRP is high which is 36.23 I am not able understand about CRP what it is and how it is caused ?

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Question: Hello everyone I am 12 weeks pregnant I got my scan today And it was low lying posterior placenta . Is it to worry about it .kindly suggest . As doctor take it very lightly . And didn't said anything about it.
Answer: Pls be on rest... And place high pillow near ur legs, don't work more.... Low lying placenta can change the position between 25 weeks... Till the tym take care
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Question: My sister in law delivered a baby girl on 24th June. The baby his having a red colour like discharge is it normal or what to do
Answer: yes it's normal for a baby girl to have vaginal bleeding.it happens during pregnancy when there is a sudden increase in the estrogen levels , it can stimulate the female fetus's uterus . So since she is outside the womb, she has withdrawal from the hormone she was exposed to inside . So its fine if she is having a mini period....it's a normal thing. And it will go away on it own.
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Question: I am breastfeeding mom and I had shrimps in my diet and later my granny told that it is not good to my baby boy who is 3 months old,Is it ok ?I am very much worried about this
Answer: U can have nothing wrong...i too had and my baby is 3.5 mths...if baby is getting any pblms due to that u can stop like over vomiting or loose stools...or else its okay to hv
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