Few days old baby

Question: I delivered baby on 25th oct still im not having breast milk.when breast milk will start?

Answer: Hi dear, Breastmilk starts coming by third day of delivery.if your breasts are hard then possibly the breast milk is stored but not coming out.for that wet a towel in warm water squeeze the excess water and place on your breasts. Milk would start to flow.if it the problem of low milk supply ,try extract milk using breast pump.the more you pump out more milk is produced. So feed your baby as much as you can.the supply would increase as per the demand. You can consult your doctor,if the milk supply is too less.she would suggest you for any top milk for your baby or increase your breastmilk.
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Question: Good evening doctor.My baby is 5moths old im giving her breast milk.when shall i start to give other food
Answer: When your baby completed 6month.. then u can start semisolid food to your baby.. Hope this answer will help you
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Question: I have delivered my baby on 9 Nov still now my milk is not coming
Answer: Consult a lactation consultant milk may be there but your breast may be engrossed
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Question: I don't see feel breast milk coming in to feed my baby i just delivered baby 4 days back plz response when I will start producing breast milk.
Answer: hi in some cases it takes a little time for the milk to be produced however do not worry but you should continue to help your baby to latch and you can take the expert advice of the lactation doctor also remember to massage your breast which will help in the production and supply of your breast milk you should also take warm water shower and while taking warm water shower you can let the warm water flow down your breast and massage your breast this will also help . after 4 days of delivery you will start producing cholesterol which is the most healthiest thing for the baby and after this the milk products will increase.and it will change from colostrum to breast milk sometimes due to tremendous pressure or post during the normal delivery also leads to the stress hormones production which can lead a little delay in producing of milk . If the large amounts of IV is used during the but it can also cause a delay in producing breast milk .
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