2 months old baby

Question: I delivered baby in 37weeks...his born weight is 2.9,head circumstance is 32...he looks very small.now he completed 64days his weight is 4.8kg,heightis53.5,head circumstance is 36,is dis normal,he looks very small when compared to other babies

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Answer: Hello! Numbers given are little less compared to his age. I would suggest you to try feeding the baby every 1.5hours . Also give some good massage possibly twice a day. This will be really helpful. If you are breastfeeding, then increase your intake of vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, milk and milk products, pulses. This will help you get all the nutrition needed for the baby too. Take care
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Question: My baby is 32 days old,his birth weight was 2.9 hes born on 36+4 day's... But he has not gained hus birth weight ,2.540 gm he is on breast feed.
Answer: Hello yes dear it happens initially baby reduced their weight while breastfeeding because they will be having more of Hind milk which is just like water there is no nutrition as your baby starts drinking foremilk he will start gaining weight. You should take a very healthy diet because the food you eat its nutrition will be observed in your body at that will be given to your don't worry keep monitoring babies weight and properly breastfeed him take care
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Question: I delivered my baby boy in 32 weeks now he completed 4 months but still he doesn't hold his head ..from when he will be able to hold his neck? Worried
Answer: Hi dear, Since each baby develops differently,you can expect a month here and there from the milestones.my baby could hold her neck only by 5 months.donot worry,give some more time.
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Question: What to feed for weight gain of my baby. He is now 8th month old. His weight is 8.9.but he is looking very weak compared to other children of his age. M worried about him. Please suggest me.
Answer: Diet for everyday routine...... Monday Breakfast: methi parantha with butter milk Lunch: kala chana sabzi Chapati Curd Evening snack: Apple  Soya cutlets. Dinner: Soya beans and shimla mirch curry Rice Tuesday Breakfast: Oats porridge with banana and milk Lunch: rajma, jeera rice Cucumber raita Evening snack: Pear (nashpati) Dinner: aloo and matar curry, Missi roti Wednesday Breakfast: Uttapam Coconut (nariyal) chutni ,buttermilk Lunch: Paneer pulao Beetroot, lauki raita Evening snack: Pineapple Dinner:Vegetable khichdiCarrot raita Thursday Breakfast:Moong dal cheela with chopped vegetables, milk Lunch: dhuli used dal, arbi sabji, Rice Curd Evening snack: Grapes (angoor) Dinner:Potato (aloo) and onion (pyaaz) parantha Curd Friday Breakfast:Dosa Sambhar, buttermilk Lunch:chhole curry, parwal aloo, Rice Curd Evening snack: Orange (santara) Dinner:Vegetable pulao cucumber (kheera) raita Saturday Breakfast: suji upma with beans,carrots and coconut, buttermilk Lunch: Kadhi jeera aloo sabzi Rice Evening snack: Banana  Dinner:Mushroom , matar sabji and makkai chapti. Sunday Breakfast:Paneer bhurji, Toast with milk Lunch: Sarson ka saag Makki ki roti Evening snack: chikoo Dinner:Sambhar Rice try to give in mashed or pureed form.
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