39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I delivered a baby boy yesterday.. Problem is baby not getting a breast milk.. Wat to do

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Answer: Hi Dear! first of all congratulations now the baby is not getting breast milk u said do you have breast milk or is that the baby is not able to latch so please elaborate on that part so that we can help because if you do not have a breast milk let it will come don't worry keep latching the baby the baby only needs colostrum for few days for the tiny stomach to fill and if the baby is unable to latch please give a lot of skin to skin the baby will start latching soon latching comes naturally to babies.. Hope this helps!
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    Irfan Shamshad38 days ago

    It latches Dea.. No milk.. So m worried

Answer: congratulations dear...! I want to know how was your experience...?please share with us.
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Question: Hi..i delivered baby boy yesterday mrng 6.48..c sec..he is not opening his eyes properly..wat to do
Answer: Hi dear plz consult ur doctor and get checked it without delay. Ur baby is very small and for ang issue u should directly contact doctor.
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Question: My baby stomach is not getting full only by breast milk wat to do
Answer: How do u know that?? Is it because he's asking for feed again and again.? Breastfeeding provides comfort, contentment, and relaxation to babies. Breastfeeding can also calm and reassure them as they have just come and this world is new to them . So this basically comfort feed that baby is doing. Nothing comforts a baby like the feel of their mother's skin, the smell of her, the sound of her voice and heartbeat... all these things are what comfort nursing automatically provides. If ur worried bout that ur providing enough feed or not follow these two parameters: Baby's monthly weight gain. Pee count> 6 daily that's all.
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Question: Blocked breast milk like a stone wat should i do baby is not sucking
Answer: Put hot compress and do pump.Slight massage with hot compress.tc.
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