14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I craved for spicy food for whole first trimester but as soon as my fourth month started from very first day of fourth month i started craving for more sweets comparitively.What does that mean? Us everything ok with me?

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Answer: Hi dear. pregnancy come with many experience for women , taste can change any time during pregnancy , sleeping pattern can change , behaviour and mood can also change , so change is the keyword in pregnancy , if there is change in your liking then there is nothing to worry it's quite normal . Don't worry. Enjoy your pregnancy
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    Shelza Kansal816 days ago

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Question: I am in 15 week 1 day..i dont feel that hungry now as first trimester..is everything ok?
Answer: appetite loss during pregnancy is quite normal and there is no need to panic. However, if the nutritional requirements of the developing fetus cannot be met due to this loss in appetite, then the condition needs to be treated. The main reason for appetite loss during pregnancy is nausea. Due to the nausea, the desire to eat is greatly reduced. The digestive system becomes extremely sluggish during the second trimester. This happens due to the pressure that is exerted on the lower bowel due to the enlargement of the uterus. Hence, this may lead to constipation and a loss in appetite to occur.
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Question: I get craving of eating spicy and sour food. Does it mean I have girl? As today someone told me this. Though it's just 9 weeks.
Answer: These symptoms mean nothing actually. Although you should avoid both spicy and sour foods as these would irritate baby. I have similar symptoms throughout my pregnancy and all other so called signs of bearing a girl, my favourite sweets used to give be nausea at sight. God blessed me with a boy. My friend who was pregnant at the same time had all signs opposite to mine, she is also blessed with a boy. Few more recent cases i have observed that these signs of round belly, typical shape, specific food cravings, changes in ur looks have nothing to do with baby's gender.
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Question: All of a sudden after craving for salty foods , i started craving for sweets , does that shows that baby gender is determined inside my womb, till now i was having no cravings for sweets.
Answer: Hi If you go through internet regarding gender of baby through craving their are lots of in it. But frankly cravings don't have any relation with the baby gender it's just like a tp stuffs..craving keep on changing as you are 19th week pregnant see that you have all different type of taste like sweet sour ,salty, spicy n all cos tastebuds have already been started developing of your baby in your womb so see that you eat all different type of taste so that it help baby
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