9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I consive after 7 months of ciserial delivery is it safe I have more complications in my last delivery & also suffured eclampsia disease and I lost my baby in delivery time bcoz I have strocs & bp high that time

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Answer: Hello dear. As you had all those complications I would suggest you to consult gynae to understand if this pregnancy is healthy to continue. They are the best judge to decide when it comes to such cases. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hlo I consive after 7 months of ciserial delivery is it safe
Answer: Hi dear it depends on your health completely because usually after c-section doctors suggest to keep at least a gap of 3 years but if you have conceived within 7 months of your last c-section delivery then your doctor will definitely check your stability and the seminar of your health and definitely your pregnancy health and also a lot depends on your reports your upcoming reports will tell you more about how healthy the pregnancy is and accordingly you need to follow the instruction of your doctor.. Hope this helps..
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Question: I had eclampsia in my last c section delivery &i lost my twins baby bt now I m 8week pregnant can it occurs again and plz suggest me wt I do now that time my bp was 200
Answer: hi dear, your BP is the reason behind behind your loss. This time you have to take care of your BP from the very first day of your pregnancy. Consult your doctor and take medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Need to eat a healthy diet and have to control your daily sodium intake to check your Bp. Do not gain too much weight during pregnancy. And last but not the least don't take stress , anxiety can worsen your situation. All the best dear take care.
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Question: How to prevent from high BP in pregnancy....Last time I lost my baby because of PIH
Answer: cut down your salt from diet avoid bakery products which contains more of salt. And walk daily for 20 minutes it will help to maintain the bp levels.
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