40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii i completed my 9 months..due date is 23 june..but worried because not having till labour pain..is this normal na..

2 Answers
Answer: ohh actually I heard that if normal delivery will b then pain will start b4 due date only ! still u didn't hv pain Na, what is ur baby position means head down or not ? then head fixed or not actually in my case I didn't got pain till last so b4 two days of my due date my doc admitted me for induced labour pain n till whole day I didn't got pain so my doc done my csection, so just c about ur case n don't worry n tc
Answer: even I didn't had any Labour sign and pain. although at last week I was so relaxed as if I have just the tummy nothing else. I feel so light at that time. . 😛 as if it's not full term baby. and baby is not interested in coming out. but my doctor induced pain and I had normal delivery. please don't wait a single extra day beyond your due date.consult immediately if you didn't feel any pain on 23rd.