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Question: I completed 5 months of pregnancy, is it good for my health to drink pomogranate juice

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Answer: Definitely ma ..u can take it as a form of juice or fresh one..good for u nd baby nd also increase hb level
Answer: Its good to drink pomegranate juice all over pregnancy
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Question: Is it good to take pomogranate and orange juice in second month of pregnancy
Answer: Yes, its good to take fruits nd fruit juices in pregnency ...pomogranate increases the hemoglobin, orange and mosambi juices increases the amniotic fluid...u hv daily one apple also...eat healthy....njoy the pregnency....
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Question: I am type 2 diabetic.. Can I drink Amla juice during this pregnancy time? Is it good for my health?
Answer: yes you can drink Amla juice irrespective of the diabetes do not add sugar when you make amla juice.. Amla is rich in vitamin C that will help you to absorb the iron content from the food that you eat ... do not add sugar .
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Question: Hello can i drink danimma fruit juice is it good for health
Answer: Hi dear , danimma is pomegranate and it's very healthy and nutritious during pregnancy. So you can eat pomegranate or drink juice its completely nutritious and healthy for you.
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Question: which health drink is good for pregnancy
Answer: Hi, Health drink if at all should be taken under consultation after checking their contents. fresh milk, buttermilk if it suits, coconut water, fresh homemade fruit juices and fruits themselves are the best.
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