23 months old baby

Question: I clean my babies lips area with nail remover,,,,is it safe

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Question: Can i use hair remover cream to clean my vagina
Answer: Hi You can, but probably you would not be able to do it on your own because of the growing belly. Take help from someone and make sure cream is applied nicely else it could lead to infection. If doing veet is not possible, trim it really short with scissors. If you haven't done it before, do a patch test first.
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Question: Is it safe to clean our pubic area with razor..???
Answer: Yes it is safe to clean the pubic hair with razor. Applying chemicals is not safe. You can do it just take care of safety measures that you don't cut yourself. Gents razors like Gillette work very well.
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Question: Can i clean my pube area during pregnancy with razor?
Answer: Maintaining a good hygiene is a good idea ,probably better to trim down there with scissors( be very careful as to not hurt yoursepf)or trimmer(best tool) as shaving might sometimes cause infections ,bumps ,irritation etc.
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