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Question: I check my pregnency test. It showed two light pink lines. What does it means??, reply

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Answer: Hi dear two faint lines means thr is pregnancy or HCG hormone in ur body and urine but it has just started increasing means very early stage of pregnancy pls check if after some time again.. Hopr thid helps!
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    P naga bharathi64 days ago

    Tanq dear.

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Question: Today on 42nd day of missed period home test kit showed light pink colour C line, what does it means?
Answer: Lines across both C and T indicates positive. Since your periods are delayed, best if you consult a doctor to know hcg levels in blood to check for pregnancy.
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Question: I got two pink lines in pregnancy test, but second pink line is very light, what that means, I am pregnant or not
Answer: Congrats dear you are pregnant!!!. It is due to low level of HCG hormone.. I too had the same result..
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Question: I tested for pregnancy on 28days of my cycle.i got two lines but one with light pink. What does it mean? Positive or negative?
Answer: Hi dear most home tests are designed to be positive when you're two to three days late for a period (or 15 to 16 days after ovulation). If there's a faint line, there's only a small amount of hCG in your urine, usually because it's early in the pregnancy. For better result please do another test after a week to get the final result.
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