20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I cant sleep left side and also right side...i can sleep only straight...is it ok?

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Answer: Hi Please do avoid sleeping straight on back do sleep turning left as it helps for good blood flow for baby and helps for growth and for comfortability you can turn right for sometime but sleeping straight have risks to get cord around baby which is not safe
Answer: Hi, sleeping straight should be completely avoided as not only will increase back pain but also can cause complications. You can use plenty of pillows or even better get a pregnancy pillow to support while sleeping. This will help you to sleep comfortably.
Answer: Can u suggest the best pillow and where will get
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Question: I cant sleep right side and left side then i will sleep straight is it a prblom for a baby
Answer: Hi dear ,try to sleep on your left side ,when you lie on your back, your baby presses on the vein that returns blood from your lower body to your heart. This also affects the flow of blood and oxygen to your baby. You’ll probably notice that you feel faint or dizzy if you do lie on your back for a short period. 
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Question: Can we sleep straight as i cant sleep left side i feel pain left side
Answer: Use left or right side... When you choose back on bed side, it will cause presure on your foetus, that cause sime uneasiness. Luke breathing dificult, backpain, eodema in legs etc. Sleeping left side wull ensure good blood circulation and oxygwn supply to ur baby. U can choose either left or right side. Kindly avoid sleep on back or stomach
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Question: Hello ...i cant sleep left side because its very hard to breath ,i can slerp right side and straight ....is it any problem to baby and me ???
Answer: Hello! Please avoid sleeping on straight, as it is not good during pregnancy. But you can sleep on sides, either left or right. Try to take help of lot of pillows to support your self, you can also get a pregnancy pillow, it really helps. Take care
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