1 months old baby

Question: I cant breastfeed my baby...because he cant latch properly...so what to d?o

2 Answers
Answer: you can see a lactation consultant
Answer: hav u tried using nipple shield
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Question: I was unable to breastfeed my baby girl,, facing problem to latch properly please help me some tips
Answer: Hi,you should massage the breast everytime before you feed your baby also if it doesent help use electric expressor to pump the milk and you can feel that through feeder or bottle.
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Question: Breastfeeding is so painful for me may be because my can't latch properly please help what to do
Answer: Hi dear if a baby is not having much of the milk and since milk is not coming out its paining then you can express from milk with breast pump you should also give your breast warm water compressor it will help you in getting relief from pain.
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Question: I passed urine frequently..in d night cant sleep properly..had to pee so many time.
Answer: Hi dear. I can understand but its normal during pregnancy. Your baby body is pressing your urinary bladder , so your bladder has lost its capacity of holding urine that why you have to pee again and again. Its normal dear
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