23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I cant drink lot of water

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Answer: Hi! If its difficult fr you to intake water, pls increase your liquid intake as in tender coconut water, butteemilk, lassi etc. plus fruits with high water content.. Hope this helps!
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    Faiza Beg568 days ago


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Question: Can i drink soda? Because of vomiting tendency i cant drink normal water.
Answer: Instead take some lemon with honey to get out of it..dnt take soda much as it can harm ur baby..take protein rich food before bed tym..introduce ginger tea..in morning food take crackers as ur primary food next to lemon water..take clear fruit juices..
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Question: can i drink lot of water after delivery
Answer: Yes you can dear. It is good both for you and your baby because it hydrates our body..
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Question: Do i drink lime water. Because i cant drink normal water. Is this safe for baby?
Answer: Yes u can drink. It is good for health and completely safe
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Question: I cant even drink water...because of vomitting sensation...wat should i do?
Answer: Hi Please do consult doctor and take medication as vomitting tablet dont have side effect but it controls vomitting and if you keep taking oit everything and akip diets it ll affect baby growth so taking tablets is good
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