14 months old baby

Question: I cannot connect my Instagram

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Question: Iam getting every day full of back pain why thz pain is getting every day i cannot bear a pain
Answer: During pregnancy back pain is common, due to hormonal changes will get back ache try to get massage atleast u feel relax or spray moov. And don't lift heavy things. Even I'm facing same back ache.
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Question: I cannot identify any smell and taste ... Is that common during pregnancy??
Answer: Yes. During my initial days of pregnancy I had a very strong sense of taste n smell. However slowly i started loosing the taste n smell sense... Doctor said it's normal n not to worry
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Question: I cannot sleep from my left side.So will it be okay if I sleep from my right side?I am a 35 weeks pregnant mother
Answer: Tumi left side a soyar chastha koro atai valo hoba . Majha moddha left or right side a soba but Soja hoya soba na kokhono ata sunachi Babyr kharap hoi
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