8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i can't sit for long time...my waist and stomach starts paining if I sit for long time in same position...is this normal

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Answer: Yes... It is normal... U r in first trimester do not take too much dry fruits..
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    varsha mahale1192 days ago

    What happens if v eat dry fruits

Answer: Drink milk n dry fruits
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Question: I m 31 weeks pregnant couldn't able to walk for long time and can't sit for long.. Is this normal?
Answer: Hi,yes this happens in happened with me also this is because of the heaviness due to the expansion of uterus is the baby grows there is nothing to worry you can take things easily walk slowly and only as much as you can also do not sit at a stretch for a longer time.
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Question: Hi if u rotating in bed because I don't sleep is this a problem please tel me. I can't sleep in same position for long time.
Answer: Its not good to sleep in one position for a long time...u can move from left to right and vice versa...but avoid sleeping on back for long time as it may affect your baby.. can chamge between left n right...also take a pillow support to feel comfy
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Question: Hi... My hips are paining a lot if I sit for a long time... Is ig normal now????
Answer: this is due to pressure on you hip by growing size of the baby...when it starts paining lot...have a walk of 10 to 15 steps...it will work
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