2 months old baby

Question: Hlo, i can't fold my legs comfortably after onemonth of my c-section. I feel lots of pain when i try to fold them while feeding. What should i do?

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Answer: U can stretch ur legs and feed the baby unless and until you feel better . as days pass on u can fold ur legs and sit. Atleast 3 months is needed to recover from C-section
Answer: I m worried, r my joints n bones getting weak?
Answer: Do masssage with mustard oil on yr leg
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Question: Hello i feel lots of pain in my legs and feet what to do
Answer: It is normal to have leg and feet pain in pregnancy and it may be due to ur increasing weight which is putting pressure on ur feet and legs area.Soak your feet in cold water for 15 minutes. This will help provide relief to the tingling, numbness and swelling.Increase your intake of essential fatty acids. Eat fish, nuts, flaxseed oil and avocados. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, quality protein sources, organic dairy products and simple sugars.
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Question: Hi..why i didn't to fold my legs fully ....i felt pain while i fold legs.....
Answer: hi it is possible to get this pain when folding the legs because of stretching do not worry you should avoid doing this if you are not comfortable it is normal not to not being able to fall at this stage because of the expansion of uterus and the muscles are getting stretch by folding it fuether adds to the problem
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Question: Can i sit with my legs fold back after 3 months of c section
Answer: Yes you can sit your legs fold back after three months of c section. because c-Section surgery need six months to heal up.
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