8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I can't eat anything due to vomiting. I couldn't take folio acid tablet. Is it OK if I didn't take tab, Suggest any south Indian foods.

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Answer: folic acid is a must...so pls dnt hesitate to take the tablets....and regarding the food i also had same vomiting pblm so my doc advised me to take very little meals evry 2-3 hrs...instead of three times break into 6-7 times...tat too very little....breakfast take dry foods like cereals, biscuits,rusk some fruits...lunch is the oly time u can eat a bit more...idly, dosa,upma,pongal wil easily digest...fr lunch rasam or curd with dome veggies idms the best
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    Lavanya V57 days ago

    Thank you pa

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    sree nivya51 days ago

    most welcome

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Question: I'm in 16th week of pregnancy I can't drink water I feel vomiting even I couldn't eat tablet but I m taking rich folic acid foods is it good or must eat tablet
Answer: Folic acid and iron contents are must and should for pregnant ladies.thats why doctors give them as tablets .don't skip those folic acid ,and iron tablets ,take them as prescribed by doctor
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Question: I m taking folic acid tablet instead of iron tablet bcoz iron tablet cause vomiting...so plz tell me is it ok to take folic acid n if iron tablet is nt taken than does it harm my baby?
Answer: Folic acid is different than iron tablets. Folic acid helps in growth of the baby but iron tablets increases haemoglobin in the blood which helps in oxygen supply for you and the baby. The baby will get blood through you through placenta but you will be depleted and you will be week if you stop taking iron tablets. So it is better you start taking iron tablets. You may be thinking you can have iron through your diet which is wrong. N it will not be sufficient for you and the baby. So Dr's prescribe iron supplements during pregnancy.
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Question: Hlw Is any problems in taking Doxinate tablet daily. I'm 11 weeks pregnant. If the tablet didn't take i can't control vomiting
Answer: My doc said that there is no harm to take this everyday..so am too taking this medicine daily.
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